Executive Search Procurement

Di-Mens supports procurement organizations in the believe that people make the difference. Di-mens identifies, qualifies and mediates procurement professionals.

Executive Search means in the first place that we understand the dynamics of the organization from the point of view of the stakeholders. Market, strategy, organization and culture have an important role in this. Essential to realize a long lasting relationship for organization and professional. We are very aware of the impact of the best professional on your organization.

DI-Mens Executive Search Procurement

  • As a specialist we are following developments in Procurement closely to be able to discuss the developments of your organization in relation tot he required competences where appropriate.
  • We are a young organization but our Recruitment process  follows from over 25 years of hands on experience in the area of Executive Search and Procurement Management. We’ve worked together with over 250 procurement organizations in the private sector to bring the best professionals on board and let them excel.
  • Our dynamic and intensive network in Procurement (>10.000 professionals) both national and international, helps us to pitch your organization’s opportunities fast and focussed. However our intensive search in the market for the best competences increasingly leads us to professionals outside our network.
  • Our database of qualified professionals in combination with the use of big data, digitisation and competence assessment results in having a grasp on available knowledge and expertise.
  • Specially for Procurement we’ve developed qualification parameters for professionals and organizations. This will help us to determine  fast and focussed the potential target group with the required competences
  • With our active “land & fly” approach during the first half year after the candidate has started we leave nothing up to chance. After all a good start is half the work.
  • We stand for result and fair deal. We act with passionated commitment, establishing relationships based on genuine interest and upholding the human dimension.

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