About us

Di-mens helps organizations to develop strategic procurement in the believe that professionals make the difference. We advise organizations on the development of strategic procurement and we coach Management Procurement in achieving strategic goals. Di-mens identifies, qualifies and mediates Procurement professionals that know how to connect with the business. Procurement professionals with the leadership qualities and skills required to make a difference with Procurement.

Procurement is struggling for years to exceed the operational/tactical level and if possible, or necessary, realize strategic impact on organizations and markets. In more and more cases this has a negative effect on the success of organizations. The world around us is developing at lightning speed. Success today is the failure of tomorrow and opportunities remain untapped when organisations are not on top of these developments. Developments that are currently largely on the supply side of organizations. Often the bottleneck in the strategic contribution of Procurement is the lack of leadership and by extension the scarcity of strategic competences at the actual staffing.

A real connection with the world around us will help us out as person and organization.

Our focus, tools and values make the difference at Di-Mens. Besides many years of experience in developing procurement organizations we monitor the actual trends that are important to develop strategic procurement. We have an intensive network and maintain a data base of qualified professionals. In combination with the use of big data, digitisation and competence measurement this results in control over the availabilty of knowledge and competences in the organization and in the market. Concrete development of strategic procurement in less time and at a lower cost is what we stand for. Herewith genuine interest, upholding the human dimension, "fair deal", commitment with our whole heart, transparency and result are our values.