People make the difference. Still they do and we want to keep it that way. What’s sure is that increasingly more is expected of people to fulfill their role well in a world dynamic as never before. Disruptive technology, new business models, different ways of cooperating,, rapidly changing management theories, it is getting very complicated. Is your organization experiencing the changes as threatening or can we embrace it and see chances. Will it run all over us or can we influence and contribute?

Procurement experiences that their impact on the business and the bottomline  is becoming increasingly important. Connection with the business, value creation for the client, digitization, riskmanagement, supplier relationship management become the priority next to cost control. We love to support the organization facing the challenges in a strong way.

Di-Mens coaching

Di-Mens helps professionals to become conscious of their real power. How to harness this as the basis for making the right choices, taking chances and breaking down limiting beliefs. During a series of talks the professional will be guided by a professional coach analyzing the behaviour, finding the underlying reasons and realizing sustainable development. These talks are result driven and take place in an atmosphere of unconditional respect, compassion and trust. In addition we offer an online coaching route. An intensive route in which the coachee under the online guidance of a coach will take up her or his development.

Di-Mens offers:

  • Coaching Procurement Manager
  • Coaching Individual procurement professionals
  • Teamcoaching
  • Online coaching
  • Career management

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